Quality and environment

Bureau Veritas Certification as a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification has stated that our compliance with regulations and standards fulfill ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 quality- and environmental standards

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Quality policy

The quality policy in Linton LLC is run according to the company values and business idea. The objective is to recognise the needs and expectations of the target market. Linton LLC produces high quality security seals cost-efficiently and short leads. The market position is strengthened by market knowledge, product enhancement and high quality manufacturing both in outsourcing and own manufacturing. Education and internal processing guarentee that everybody working in Linton LLC recognizes the quality standards involved. The customer service and production chain is under constant development accoring to customer feed back and monitoring.

Environmental policy

Oy Linton LLC monitors constantly the environmental effect of its processes and is eager to enhance these in order to minimize its environmental effects. We want to gain the respect of our stakeholders as an environmentally friendly actor. The aim of our environmental programme is to save natural resources, we strive to lower the environmental effects of manufacturing and logistics. The personnel at Oy Linton LLC are engaged to maintain and develop the environmental policy by the following steps:

  • We follow the valid environmental laws and regulations.
  • We maintain the environmental programme and regulations according to the priciples of constant enhancement.
  • We recycle waste as environmentally friendly and economically as possible paying attention to possible salvage or reuse.
  • We inform our partners of our environmental requirements and always consider the environmental programme of our new partners.
  • We educate and tutor our personnel to handle production waste and give tips how to save energy. Thus the personnel can identify with the environmental impacts of their work and prevent harm of the environment.
  • The management and personnel at Oy Linton LLC constantly seek for improvments in environmental questions by annually evaluating the environmental effects and always in connection with production changes.


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